Sugar says "Getting the right part is 99 9/10 of it...If there is a particular director you want to work with.. take the part even if it's a mini... if you're ON TIME and LISTEN TO THE DIRECTOR.. and take it as it comes.. you may be on the first rung to success!"

Partial Filmography
Sporting Club, The Larry Peerce 
Panic in Needle Park Jerry Schatzberg
Klute  Alan J. Pakula
French Connection The, William Friedkin
Across 110th St Barry Shear
Effect of Gamma Rays on Man in the Moon Marigolds, The Paul Newman
Paul Lynde Show, The  William Asher
Summer Wishes Winter Dreams Gilbert Cates
Taking of Pelham  1,2,3, The  Joseph Sargent
King Kong  John Guillermin
Network Sidney Lumet
7th Avenue Richard Irving & Russ Mayberry
Holy Terror Alfred Sole
Saturday Night Fever John Badham
Going in Style Martin Brest
Smokey and the  Bandit II Hal Needham
Arthur Steve Gordan
Butterfly Matt Cimber
Naked Gun 2 1/2 David Zucker
Life Stinks Mel Brooks
For the Boys Tony Scott
Last Boy Scout, The Mark  Rydell